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Photo Gallery

Brushstrokes by Tatum

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Watercolor Paintings

Royal Reds are Shrimp available in Pensacola, FL. They are fabulous, and have inspired this painting called Royally Steamed....the best way to eat them.
"Royally Steamed "
Watercolor Painting
Size: 24x24
Limited Giclees available

This watercolor painting came into existence after a trip to the Atlanta Zoo. I think Pink Flamingos are amazing...and I always thought Flamingos are cute. However, after studying this bird carefully, I realized that they actually look like pink buzzards. This Pink Flamingo watercolor painting is my 2014 entry into the Transparent Watercolor Society.
"Pretty in Pink"
Original Watercolor
Size: 22" X 15"
No Prints Available

This Watercolor Painting is my 2013 entry to the American Watercolor Society. Each morning when I go to the YMCA to workout, I see this fantastic, red, truck. It is an older truck, in mint condition. What I really wanted to capture in this painting, is how the light was playing and bouncing off the hood - it was almost blindingly brilliant. This watercolor painting is called "Stuck in Neutral" as the colors are relatively neutral - and because the truck is parked.
"Stuck in Neutral"
Original Watercolor Painting
Size: 23" X 30"
No Prints Available

This watercolor painting was done after taking a walk through the Botanical Gardens in Puerto Rico. While wandering around, I saw a lone Egret in a pond. When I was painting this, I decided to give him company by placing the Dragonfly into the painting. Originally this was titled "Friends", but my sense of humor made me change the title of this watercolor painting to "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner "
Original Watercolor Painting
Size: 28" X 36"
No Prints Available

The inspiration for this little pig watercolor painting came after I took a particularly challenging abstract workshop. I wanted to leave at the end of the week long class with one completed painting. I did a quick acrylic sketch of a little pig, which still hangs in my studio. That sketch morphed into this pour watercolor painting. "This Little Piggy" received
a Honor of Distinction award at the Pensacola Interstate Fair.

"This Little Piggy"
Original Watercolor Painting
Size: 27" X 27"
No Prints Available

The inspiration for this Fish Watercolor Painting "The One that Got Away" came after I made a trip to the Atlanta Aquarium. There was a tank of beautiful neon Blue and Orange Fish. The Colors were amazing. After I returned to my studio, I immediately set about the task of painting the colors of the fish I saw. Originally this was titled "Blue Fish" - slowly but surely the light flickered on, and I changed the name to "The One That Got Away". This Painting was juried into the 2013 Florida Watercolor Society Exhibition, Sarasota, FL.
"The One That Got Away"
Original Watercolor Painting
Size: 12 X 11
No Prints Available

I just love this small Watercolor Painting. These are a salt and Pepper Shaker set I have - two little birds. They are white, and I was inspired by their shape, and how the light was playing on them. With my watercolor painting I wanted to capture and reflect all of the beautiful colors that both white and black can contain.
"Salt and Pepper"
Original Watercolor Painting
Size: 11 x 15
No Prints Available


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